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To be eligible to stand for election, a member must:

  1. BE validly nominated in writing by two (2) members who are eligible to vote herein and who themselves be qualified for the particular office as provided for in the Bye-Laws and in good standing with the Branch;
  2. Have attended a minimum of five (5) monthly meetings of the Branch within the twelve (12) months prior to the close of nominations for the election;
  3. Be a financial member of the Branch, that is, he/she shall have:
    * paid bar practice fees,
    * paid all branch dues or subscriptions,
    * levies including practicing fees and other contributions imposed by the branch,
    by 31st March of the relevant years, and shall have so dove for at least three (3) years preceding the election;
  4. Must be in legal practice;
  5. Attain the post enrolment qualification requirement for the affected office as at the date of the election aas follows:
    * Chairman and Vice-Chairman, ten (10) years
    * Secretary, Treasurer, Financial Secretary, Social Secretary, Publicity Secretary, Welfare Secretary, Legal Adviser and Provost, eight (8) years;
    * Assistance Secretary, fie (5) years;
    * NEC Representative, ten (10) years
  6. Submit by email not more than four pages of A4-size electronic copy of their Curriculum Vitae, comprehensive manifestoes and other campaign materials to the Electoral Committee for publication in the Branch Website of the NBA website, not later than the day fixed by the Electoral Committee;
  7. The Election Committee’s decision as to eligibility of any candidate to stand for election shall be final.


  1. No member of the Branch shall be eligible to contest for an office to which he/she has been elected and occupied for a term of two (2) years, that is, none of the incumbent office holder is qualified for a second term.
  2. Any member who has held elective office for two (2) terms shall not be eligible to contest for a Branch Office until at least five (5) years after the last term of office.
  3. Any contestant or whose supporters publishes, prints or distributes any campaign material, gifts and form of souvenir whatsoever shall be disqualified from being voted for.


To be eligible to vote, a member of a branch:

  1. Shall be a financial member of the branch, that is, he/she must have:
  2. paid his/her bar practice fees and annual branch dues by 31st March for the two (2) years preceding the election, or
  3. paid his/her bar practice fees and annual branch dues for the two (2) years preceding the election or since enrolment, where such a member is less than two (2) years post-call;
  4. have attended minimum of five (5) monthly general meetings of the branch within the twelve (12) months preceding the date of election;
  5. have his/her name appear in the final list of eligible voters as compiled by the Election Committee.


  1. candidates who fail to qualify shall be notified of their disqualifications within seven (7) days of any decision to such effect;
  2. any disqualified candidate who so wishes may apply to the Committee for a review of the decision within seven (7) days.

Yaqub Omotosho Yaqub (Chairman)
Rashidat Yahaya


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